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Hey Purdue, read this!

I am just so pissed off at the state of education in this country. You’re expected to spend four years in school – if you’re lucky – and spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for an education that focuses almost entirely on rote memorization. What’s worse, frequently it isn’t even memorization of the personal knowledge of the professor, who may or may not be knowledgeable in the course material in the first place. No, it’s memorization of a textbook, which costs about $3 in materials and labor and retails for $120. So for half a decade or more you put off the things you want to do, assuming you can afford to do them after you graduate, what with paying off your student loans, and get the same education you could have gotten for the cost of a library card once the lawyers and affirmative action have dumbed the curriculum down far enough that everyone can graduate – because without that degree, you’re just a void check. Meanwhile, professors who forgot everything they ever knew about the subject matter pull down six-figure salaries because they’re tenured or they pull in grant money, the board of trustees sip cognac on the dry campus and vote to give themselves multimillion-dollar bonuses, and the president squeezes alumni dry while simultaneously twisting the local political machine’s tit so hard he winds up being the de facto dictator of a police state, where cops in riot gear bust the skulls of anyone between the ages of 13 and 30 who dares to walk down the sidewalk with a smile on his face.

And they wonder what drives college students to drink. Hell, just thinking about school makes me want to go tie one on. And as if that weren’t enough, some limp-dicked community college grad who couldn’t even hack it as a real social worker starts doing shit like this: 

and saying that they have students’ best interests at heart, when if that were really the case what they’d do is get off their asses, roll up their sleeves, and make some goddamned changes in the whole fucked-up system. But no, the last thing they want to introduce into a university is some honesty or integrity. So what you wind up with is a degree factory that trains the next generation of while-collar drones to keep their heads down lest they get fucked over by the man, that the rules only apply if you don’t have something to offer in return, and that fun is a four-letter word. So go ahead kid, wear your sarcastic t-shirt to class. Just don’t be late, or you’ll miss the attendance quiz.

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