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Europe Bound

I graduate Saturday and then leave for Europe Tuesday. The plan for now is to explore Ireland for about a week, hang out in Bern for a couple days, and then play it by ear. Yuri and I are meeting up in Dublin, so good times are assured.

I’ll check my email periodically, and maybe post some updates when I can find free/cheap internet time, assuming I don’t get too tangled up over funky Euro keyboards or good old QWERTY. If you want the occasional postcard, send me your mailing address. My cell phone number is +44 7924 070911. To call from the US you would dial 011-44-7924-070911. I would advise against trying it from a cell phone. If you don’t want to spend the money, call me, give me the number of a *landline* where you are, and I’ll call you back.

Anyway, if you don’t think that everyone who doesn’t live in the US hates freedom, look forward to pictures of and words about other places.



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