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It seems I have heretofore unexplored abilities to lose things. I left my camera case, memory card, and spare battery at the hostel in Dublin, nearly lost my sunglasses on the flight to Germany, had to go back to a train station in Amsterdam for my contacts, and now I’ve left my remaining battery at Ronny’s. I think I’ve found a store in Prague that sells them; if not there will be no pictures after Italy, at least not until I can get back to Bern. Salzburg is very much a “postcard city” anyway, so the puctures probably wouldn’th have been anything unique. For some reason we were just pulled off an Austrian train, driven a short distance on a bus, and put back on a another train. Barring any more mishaps, though, we will shartly arrive in the Czech Republic, a country where I speak literally none of the language. The prospect is terrifying.

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