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Is There Anybody out There?

Even if I didn’t know it was a trans-solstice celebration period, I could tell based on the fact that I don’t have to scroll to see the bottom of my buddy list.

WTFuck, Blagotubes?

Apparently Google isn’t quite living up to its credo of “not being evil”. Or is there a lot of malware out there that searches the Northern Brewer forums?

Picture 1

And Coca-Cola’s ad agency is hiring some seriously repressed people:

Picture 2

“All the negatives add up – making the online […]

Things I Hate #12: Round-Up “Tipping”

In almost two years of working as a pizza “delivery expert”, I’ve probably seen every conceivable tip amount within reason; in fact Sunday I got a personal-best tip of $25. Granted, that was a $238 order, but you’d be surprised how many people think $2-3 is a good tip, no matter how large the order. […]

Things I Hate #131: Kid Rock

As if being a pizza delivery driver wasn’t a shitty enough job, now every couple hours I have to get excited by the opening bars of “Sweet Home Alabama”, only to have to listen to Kid Rock’s pretentious ass. (That’s right: giving yourself a stage name makes you pretentious by definition. Deal with it.) It’s […]

The Color of Honey

This entry may seem a bit disjointed inasmuch as it constitutes an introduction AND an update, but what the hell. Given that I spend a pretty solid fraction of my allegedly free time thinking about brewing, I’ve decided to include a new category to that effect in my blog – a category that may even […]