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Beer in a Bag in a Box?

Per MSN’s James Dlugosch:

Despite what the microbrewers will tell you, all beer is pretty much the same. Consumers who pay a premium do so more for the experience than the taste.

But for me, the issue is the bottle. I like drinking my suds from a cold bottle. Period.

Put it in a glass, and the experience just isn’t the same.

Pro Tip: When 650 people leave comments on your blog calling you an idiot, you were probably wrong.

Extreme douchebaggery aside (how can you be a wine snob and not a beer snob?) it turns out that even the facts of the article are wrong; this is not boxed beer in the same sense that there is now boxed wine, but simply MillerCoors’ entry into the mini-keg market dominated by Heineken. Which, in the long run, is probably a Good Thing. Anything that moves BMC consumers out of their beer comfort zone, even if it’s just drinking their favorite brand on draft, could open them up to the possibility that taste can be a factor when purchasing beer.

The key question then becomes: will it be pasteurized? I think it’s safe to say that almost all beer drinkers prefer non-pasteurized draft beer to its bottled counterparts. If domestic mini-kegs put it into the hands of more consumers, they could end up cannibalizing their own market.

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