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Super Mile Me

So going to crazy lengths to minimize their fuel costs is called “hypermiling”. According to Wikipedia “extreme hypermilers” will do things like coasting with the engine off and running red lights. I’m not suicidal, so to coin a term, I’d rather think of myself as a “supermiler”.

I had one of the best days of my life today – at least in terms of fuel economy. 372.8 miles, using 8.98 gallons. That’s 41.5 miles per gallon, my friend. Being able to draft behind a semi doing 83 (!) didn’t hurt. And once you cross into Tennessee on I-75, for every mile you drive uphill (and there are many) you drive just as far downhill. I’m pretty convinced now that one mile uphill plus one mile downhill, without the car in gear, burns less gas than two miles on level ground. Which is especially nice when you’re on an expense account.

  1. Eke out every possible MPG.
  2. Submit expense report at $0.55/mile.
  3. Profit.

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