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Sports Night Drinking Game

I love Sports Night. I own it (legally!) on DVD, and I’ve watched the entire show (granted, there are only 45 episodes) probably five or six times. So you can imagine my disgust when I found out the only Sports Night drinking game online is this now-defunct website (courtesy the Wayback Machine). And while that one gets major points for sheer hardcore-itude, my benchmark for a successful drinking game has always been that you shouldn’t have to consult the rules. So:

  • Drink every time someone on the show drinks (duh).
  • Drink every time someone says “Sports Night”.
  • Drink every time there’s a walk-and-talk.
  • Drink every time a character is mentioned by first and last name. (For the purposes of this rule, “Dan” counts.)
  • Drink every time a (real-world) professional athlete is mentioned by first and last name.
  • Drink every time a country, state, city, university, stadium, or sports team is mentioned.
  • Drink every time someone says “good show”.
  • Drink every time there’s a grammatical error. (Shockingly infrequent for network TV, but that’s Sorkin for you.)

I know it sounds suicidal, but if you think about it, they don’t actually talk about sports all that much. Nonetheless, the “Good evening, from New York City, I’m Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall”s do add up. I counted 65 drinks in an episode I just watched – so please, confine yourself to beer.

I leave you with one last link, probably the only LiveJournal site I will ever view more than once: Sports Night Transcripts.

2 comments to Sports Night Drinking Game

  • Yes, Sports Night! I too own the DVDs and had to explain the show to some friends last weekend who didn’t know it (when talking through our top 5 favorite shows of our lifetime, which definitely includes Sports Night). This drinking game would be pretty brutal for me, I think, but I’m game for trying it out! Now if rule 3 was “keep drinking throughout the walk-and-talk,” no one would survive.

    • Did Kirk Smiley just invite me to play a drinking game? You know I’m in!

      And yes, it always surprises and disappoints me how few people have heard of Sports Night.

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