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Happy Brew Year!

I have it on good authority that Santa will be bringing me a pump and/or grain mill this Christmas, so the odds are good I’ll be brewing my first self-sufficient batch by the New Year. My only dilemma is, what should it be?

  • My go-to “house” recipe, Behold a Pale Ale.
  • My other house recipe, Man in Black Lager. It’s a sort of bastardized American Schwarzbier-Vienna Lager hybrid. I can easily ferment lagers in the garage right now, but maintaining lagering temperatures for any length of time would be a lot of effort. Fortunately I only need to lager this for a couple weeks.
  • A doppelbock. I’d really like to have one on tap in the spring, which means I’d need to get cracking on it, but I think 2-3 months of lagering is probably impractical under the circumstances.
  • A single-hop IPA. I haven’t decided exactly what yet, but it would most likely be Centennial or Columbus.
  • A “redemption” porter, to avenge the one that I brewed a couple months ago and subsequently let pick up a (mild) Lactobacillus infection.

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