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iLife Media Browser Woes

I’m not sure if it was 10.6 or iLife ’09 that introduced the Media Browser, but it’s pretty handy. In a nutshell, you can access your media directly from the API-standard file dialogs. It’s a lot easier to show than it is to explain:

Screen shot 2009-12-10 at 17.44.34

Since I do a lot of uploading photos into WordPress, it’s a real time-saver: I don’t have to export to the Desktop or go hunting through the iPhoto directory structure trying to remember if the photo I want is in “Original” or “Modified”.

Unfortunately, it also seems to be pretty buggy as of now (10.6.2). It seems to stop writing application data to the browser interface pretty often, but without any rhyme or reason I could ascertain. There are plenty of people with similar issues. (The Media Browser displaying no content at all seems to be the most common.) Fortunately the solution is pretty simple; you only have to trash one prefs file, at /Library/Preferences/ I may end up setting up a cron job so I don’t have to remember to do it every time.

I assume no liability in the event this causes your PC to become self-aware and turn on you.

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