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Just for future reference, Cisco, you probably shouldn’t air a series of ads on national TV in which the word “live” dissolves into “share”. You probably shouldn’t be setting up narratives without exposition either, but whatevs.

In all seriousness, how can a company of this size put anything together without running it by someone with […]

Thermometer Calibration

It’s spring cleaning time in the brewery. I’ve given the kegerator a good once-over, scrubbed the kettles shiny, replaced all the vinyl tubing, and so now it must be time for instrument calibrations. I check the hydrometer and refractometer every few batches because it’s so easy (use water and a 10% sucrose solution), but it […]



The truly sad part is, I think I would buy this.

BBR Interview 2

I was on Basic Brewing Radio again this past week, talking about the Yeast Pitching Rate Experiment. If you’re reading this you’ve probably already seen the results, but now you can have them read to you in a dulcet baritone.

One Year Later

One year ago today, I decided I didn’t really want to be fat anymore, and was going to lose 35 pounds in the next year. I didn’t quite make it, but I can say that I’m probably in better shape now than at any time since that last high school water polo game. I seriously […]

Yeast Pitching Rate Results


The ale yeast pitching rate generally recommended by commercial brewers is one billion cells, per liter of wort, per degree Plato. Assuming a 25% loss in viability prior to re-pitching results in the rule of thumb of 0.75 billion/L-°P. However, yeast products designed to inoculate at this level are not available on the homebrew […]

Krasny Oktyabr

I actually didn’t get around to doing an Oktoberfest last year, so I was really excited to get this year’s batch brewed early. Unfortunately, NCM took over three weeks to ship my malt order – but they sent me an extra sack to make up for it. (Shh… I don’t think they know.) No matter; […]

Science: It Works, Bitches

Suffice it to say that I’m not so wild about religion. I have nothing against funny hats, and some of the music is very nice; it’s just that blind adherence gives me the willies. I fully acknowledge a continuum of harm, but psychologically, chemically speaking, there’s no difference between getting up earlier than you want […]