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When the Going Gets Weird…

…the weird turn pro. Say hello to Silverton, CO. Population 531, elevation 9318 ft, and soon-to-be home of Assistant Brewer Sean Terrill.

Now imagine it with eight feet of snow.


3 comments to When the Going Gets Weird…

  • Chaz

    Nice! I saw that ad on PB and thought about applying but didn’t think I could survive with the wage they quoted me given my current student debt situation. Seemed like a fun place to brew though from the website, they can too which would be cool to learn as well.

    You find housing yet? Pretty cheap?

    • Thanks. It’ll be an adjustment, that’s for sure. Haven’t found a place to stay yet, but there are apartments and rental houses (just not many). Prices are about what you’d expect for a small town, at least in the winter. Summer is probably pretty expensive.

  • Thats awesome man, congrats. I just stumbled on your site. Pretty cool. I’m going to send some refractometer/hydrometer SGs and FGs your way if you are still collecting data for your project.

    Also, Silverton sounds and looks suspiciously like the town Joe Dirt lives in:

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