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Hiatus? They love us!

Obviously I haven’t been updating the blog lately (though there have been some behind-the-scenes upgrades, and hopefully you’ll notice decreased page load times). In lieu of actual content, I thought I’d share some of the reasons why, in order of ascending time-suck.

I fried my video card.
A new cooling fan seems to be doing its thing so far. Fingers crossed.

It has been absolutely dumping lately.
If you don’t follow the weather in the southern San Juans, you may not know that we’ve made up for a lack of early-season snowfall, and then some. Powder days take a lot out of a guy. (As my dad, pictured, will attest.)

I’m doing my damnedest to open a brewpub.
Hopefully much more on this in the weeks and months to come, but there’s a distinct possibility that I’ll be moving to Leadville in the near future.

3 comments to Hiatus? They love us!

  • I love the pun, Sean. I’m also proud that I’m your first non-porn Twitter follower.

    • Man, I need to get better at twitter. I can’t figure out how to delete them.

      Maybe I should just focus on attracting some actual porn star followers instead.

  • I have found that such followers usually disappear within a few days. You must be highly desirable. I, on the other hand, am an old guy.

    I’m on Twitter but I don’t understand any of the settings. There is a way for you to block them, I just can’t be of any help as to how.

    I look forward to hearing your progress on the brewpub.


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