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Batch Sparging Calculator

Like many brewers, I use recipe software (BeerTools Pro in my case) to design recipes, log notes, track inventory, etc. And I really like it; the only thing it won’t do is estimate my efficiency based on the actual mash parameters. Hence this little tool, which does just that (and pretty much just that). For documentation, please see Batch Sparging Theory.

Mash Parameters Infusions
Grist Mass: lb
First Infusion: gal or L
Post-Boil Volume: gal
Second Infusion:
(First Sparge)
gal or L
Potential Extract:
(AICG; Default 77%)
Third Infusion:
(Second Sparge)
gal or L
Lauter Deadspace:
(Default 0)
gal or L Fourth Infusion:
(Third Sparge)
gal or L

If you have any feedback on the calculator, feel free to contact me.

5 comments to Batch Sparging Calculator

  • Diane Griffin

    Hi Sean,
    Do you have a program/spreadsheet for the Batch Sparge Calculator so I can use it off the internet? We live rural and have somewhat unreliable wireless service…..usually goes down when I’m trying to brew or formulate a recipe. Grrrr. It’s a nice little tool.
    Thank you for putting it up.
    Diane Griffin (Alewyfe)

    • Hey Diane, the way the calculator works is by iterating through a loop several times. To do that in a spreadsheet I think I’d have to use a macro, which I have no real experience in. I think that would also tie the spreadsheet to one particular piece of software too. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an iOS app for all the calculators when I have the time… So any year now.

      Anyway, I’ll look into the spreadsheet a little more and let you know what I find out.


  • Steve


    Looks like the last time anyone commented on this was 6+ years ago. Anyhow- This calculator is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

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