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10K, Bitches!

Obviously I haven’t updated in a long time. For the most part, that’s because my brewing equipment is packed up in expectation of moving somewhere or other. Pretty much all I’m doing these days is running in the mornings and trying to avoid heat in the afternoons.

Anyway, I ran 10 km this morning. Probably […]

Success Sits on a Sliding Scale

It’s only been spring here for about a month, but I’m starting to get back into a groove. I’m sure I’m positively dogging it by most people’s standards, but it’s gratifying to be seeing improvement almost daily.

Name: Track 096 Date: Jun 5, 2013 9:41 am Map: View on Map Distance: 1.51 miles Elapsed Time: […]

Riparian Run

I’m not wild about the idea of driving somewhere for the sole purpose of running somewhere else, but I suppose allowances can be made.

Name: Track 023 Date: Apr 26, 2012 11:35 am Map: View on Map Distance: 3.01 miles Elapsed Time: 29:41.2 Avg Speed: 6.1 mph Max Speed: 8.3 mph Avg Pace: 9′ […]

Grants Gambol

Considering I haven’t run since August, I’m actually pretty pleased with myself. Descending half a mile doesn’t hurt either.

Name: Grants 5K Date: Mar 31, 2012 8:25 am Map: View on Map Distance: 3.28 miles Elapsed Time: 31:54.8 Avg Speed: 6.2 mph Max Speed: 7.9 mph Avg Pace: 9′ 45″ per mile Min Altitude: 6,451 […]

Hiatus? They love us!

Obviously I haven’t been updating the blog lately (though there have been some behind-the-scenes upgrades, and hopefully you’ll notice decreased page load times). In lieu of actual content, I thought I’d share some of the reasons why, in order of ascending time-suck.

I fried my video card. A new cooling fan seems to be doing […]

Pass Creek Trail

Thursday, I was able to get away from the brewery a little early, so I finally managed to get in a hike I’ve been trying to do all summer. Pass Creek Trail runs from Coal Bank Pass up to join the Colorado Trail. From the junction, there’s a quick but treacherous spur that runs most […]

Runnin’ in the Rain

The last time I ran was in early June, when the former Head Brewer called me mid-run to let me know he had quit.

Name: Track 010 Date: Aug 4, 2011 2:57 pm Map: View on Map Distance: 2.82 miles Elapsed Time: 27:28.7 Avg Speed: 6.2 mph Max Speed: 8.1 mph Avg Pace: 09′ 44″ […]


The roads were finally clear enough for me to get in my first run since October, and holy crap, am I out of shape.

Name: Silverton 1 Date: Mar 5, 2011 1:08 pm Map: View on Map Distance: 0.95 miles Elapsed Time: 09:57.0 Avg Speed: 5.7 mph Max Speed: 7.4 mph Avg Pace: 10′ 27″ […]


I took a while, but I finally had a day off work when it didn’t snow. So I took a hike up to the abandoned (silver?) mine just north of town, and got some pretty great photos.

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So I ran the Indianapolis Marathon‘s half again. It started out well enough: dry roads, reasonable temperatures, no hangover… At about four miles, I was on pace and through the only real hills on the course. There was something in my right shoe, or so I thought, so I stopped for a second, shook it […]